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ONLINE SERVICES - Due to COVID and global travel restrictions, SCP has now restructured its operations to include online initiatives, providing new services for those who wish to learn and benefit  from our experience and success in business, intercultural relations and the wide range of creative endeavors we have undertaken over the years.  See Projects and Client lists

We provide the following services;

- Documentation of humanitarian crises & social initiatives for Government and NGOs  (both commissioned and volunteer), pending travel restrictions. This includes photography, video production and editing, research and written content, field assignments, cultural studies and assessment, proposals and reports.

- Consultancy for Corporate PR, Marketing, and Rebranding - including social media content and analytics


- Consultancy on Intercultural and B2B Communications - Communicating beyond cultural / subcultural boundaries and from B2B is not an easy thing to master, which in this day and age, is absolutely necessary. Consider, for instance, the cultural expertise and networking skills necessary to gain private audience with two foreign Heads of State, as we have done; for want of discussing internal affairs of their country and providing solutions to key problems. SCP has operated in many different cultures successfully, both on behalf of indigenous populations, as well as for foreign corporations.

- Consultancy for Start ups on entrepreneurship. 

-  Assessment and instruction on visual arts, website design and content, social media, marketing and promotional material to ensure consistency and effectiveness in branding and communications

- High Impact storytelling / scriptwriting for film & animation

- Editorial / proofreading services

- Ghost writing for those with a story to tell, who just can't find the words! We've got plenty!


- Instruction on the Art of Reason and Persuasion for Academic, Corporate and Legal Presentations and Debate

Life coaching for university students and graduates in need of guidance or a new perspective


- Advanced classes in English and Communications for foreign Academics and Business Professionals

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