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The Final Lesson For Humanity

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

(I) May, 2018 - SCP's Director, Mr Bradley Rae, was invited to join a small audience for 2 days of private seminars & open discussions - on both spiritual and secular matters -  with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Dharamsala, India. 

(II) December 2018 / 19 -  Mr Rae met privately with the President of Tibet - The Honorable Dr Lobsang Sangay - and High Lamas to discuss a proposal conceived by SCP dedicated to the teachings of His Holiness, specifically on Human Ethics, Unity and Climate Change.

This proposal has since gained the approval and support of both the President and the Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama  (OHHDL). 

Giggling incessantly like an ageless child full of infinite wisdom, the Dalai Lama confidently and patiently awaits the awakening of human kind.

Civilization can no longer continue down this path, without our very existence being threatened. Whether its climate change, nuclear war or a pandemic, our survival depends on our ability to unite. That's science, and common sense.

(III) January 2020 - After 3 extended visits to the Tibetan community in Dharamsala and over 12 months dedicating our time to research and developing this project, the creative and business development of this global project continues, noting we need all the help we can get! All enquiries, click here.

The proposal includes the following: 


(produced by Kingsborough Pictures, Los Angeles.)

Part one - feature movie - is an allegorical representation of all aspects of Human Ethics thriving in a world plagued by violence and cruelty. With the first draft of the script complete, and the arduous editing on-going, the movie is about a philosopher's exploration into the madness that is our world. Guided not be religious thought, but by the wisdom of His Holiness and all worlds sages, our hero of philosphy leaves a life of moderate luxury to venture into the worst that humanity can be, in search of understanding, in search of meaning; to help others and to overcome all fear, no matter the cost. 

Through our ruin each man must crawl.... 

to be reborn a better version of themselves.

(produced by Kingsborough Pictures, Los Angeles.)

Is the production of a documentary that brings together the greatest scientific, spiritual  and philosophical minds from around the world. The topic of discussion and debate - Humanity's Fate....  which is clearly recognizable, if one is paying attention.  The aim of this documentary is to connect the dots, showing, philosophically, irrefutably, factually, that all main world religions are based on the same core values and beliefs - that not surprisingly, are derived from human ethics -  being love, unity, kindness, compassion, truth, equality -  the very essence of what makes us human; the very reason we survived throughout the evolution, thriving in a prehistorical wilderness that should of consumed us to the point of extinction long ago. But the tribe united, warding off all threats that circled, from below, above and from within. But that was then. And this is now.

 Human kind is facing the greatest threat of all. Climate change.  And the only thing that will prevent this global catastrophe and mother nature's unforgiving reprimand, is Unity.

(To be announced)

Part three of this project is dedicated to the works of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, who has spent four decades travelling the Earth promoting unity; his wisdom convincingly based largely on philosophy, human ethics, metaphysics and science. Having lived a rigorous and disciplined academic and spiritual life, he is the embodiment of all world sages who have come before him... Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Gandhi to name but a few of many. 

Using technology of the 21st century - and guided by the wisdom of His Holiness, SCP believes the notion of unity is indeed within reach, for the first time in human history in fact;  because unlike in anytime in the past, it now can be done at the click of a button....  Its just a matter of finding a common ground (to unite) and a common cause; which we now have; being Human Ethics, and Climate change. This final phase of the SCP proposal is essentially the mother of all PR campaigns that aims to bring the world together. Everlasting; by way of inciting, as the Dalai, Lama puts it, a spiritual revolution that simply reflects a shift in consciousness. In our thinking. We either shift, and unite, and get out shit together, or we perish. That's science. And common sense.  

All enquiries, click here

The most powerful force on Earth is the global population united. It is more powerful than all armies and governments alike. If change is to come, it will only be by the will of the people.



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