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The Final Lesson For Humanity

His Holiness The Dalai Lama
 - 3 part project - 


- SCP's Director, Mr Bradley Rae, was invited to join a small audience for 2 days of private seminars & open discussions - on both spiritual and secular matters -  with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Dharamsala, India. 


-  Mr Rae met privately with the President of Tibet - The Honorable Dr Lobsang Sangay, as well as High Lamas and other Tibetan Officials to discuss a proposal being developed by SCP dedicated to the Dalai Lama's teachings on Human Ethics, Unity and Climate Change.

This proposal has since gained the support of both the Tibetan President and the Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama  (OHHDL). 

Civilization can no longer continue down this path, without our very existence being threatened. Whether its climate change, nuclear war or a pandemic, our survival depends on our ability to unite. That's not only a fact, it's common sense.



Inspired by the teachings of His Holiness, and with the assistance of  Academics, Members of the Tibetan Community, Hollywood  Producers, Documentary Producers and other global experts -  this proposal focuses on the following three parts, all of which are interconnected and interdependent on each other in order for it to succeed. 

(i) Feature Film - In order to unify Humanity, the segregation that results from cultures and world religions must be overcome. Hence there needs to be one common ground upon which we all must stand, and one common cause behind which we are all willing to fight, peacefully. The common ground as His Holiness has devotedly taught, is Human ethics - being the innate traits we have inherited throughout evolution to survive as a species; such as love, compassion, unity, sharing, equality, honesty and justice. Not surprisingly, and most obviously, Human ethics are the core values of all world religions.


Subsequently, the first phase of this proposal sidesteps the notion of religious segregation, or the promoting of one religion or religious figure above all others, by way of educating the world on Human ethics without any perceived bias, whilst at the same time entertaining the masses and sparking an interest in the topic. With this in mind, and with the support of Kingsborough Pictures, SCP is writing a compelling fictitious story/ script that highlights the world as we know it, and the world as it should be. Creative development  continues.

(ii) Second phase of this project - addresses the problem of  cultural segregation that divides us, through a 'multi-national' documentary that will explore and promote human ethics and unity with the help of religious leaders, academics, scientists, renown creative thinkers and philosophers, and other experts from around the world. 

(iii) Phase three is two fold, which entails (a) the organizing of a global event streamed to a world audience - think LIVE AID in the 21st century, for climate change; noting for the very first time in Human history unity is now possible at the click of a button, through technology and social media. 

As per the teachings of His Holiness, being the embodiment of all world sages who have come before him (ie Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi etc etc)  the greatest power on the planet is not governments, nor corporations nor any institution, but rather the global masses united; an endeavor His Holiness has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to achieving; through what he calls 'a spiritual revolution' - which simply reflects a unified shift in our thinking in how the world should be, and what we need to do so that it, and all humanity, can thrive as one. Such an event, with be the historical beginning of this revolution, which leads to:


(b) Following such an global event  - for climate change - arises the crucial matter of this solidarity continuing, to safeguard the planet, and our wellbeing and that of a children. What we at SCP find interesting, and a sure sign that we're on the right path, is the fact that during the Covid pandemic, celebrities began uniting (in virtual concerts) to help raise awareness and funds for a world in strife. The problem however, as it always is with such humanitarian objectives, is the people and the funds they raise ultimately dwindle away, and the world continues on with little change, having only put a bandaid over a gaping self inflicted wound. What is needed is a clear and definitive strategy that not only unifies the masses, but also ensures this solidarity resonates for generations to come, being exactly what this  proposal is dedicated to; unity will only resonate for generations come through the democratization of the planet, being when we all have a voice. Being what unity is. One voice.

Such bold words about democratization, by the way, are not our own. As noted, the Dalai Lama has been speaking of the need to unity for years. Only now the reasons why are becoming apparent as segregation continues and the global tragedy of the pandemic unfolds, with other tragedies lining up to follow soon thereafter, like Climate Change and Nuclear War. 

Our pet PR proposal, The Final Lesson for Humanity is dedicated to the tireless efforts of His Holiness. Only because he's right. And we're in deep shit for not having listened. It will be shared with global NGO Executive Management as well as be discussed on internet radio programs in the coming months - stay tuned for dates. For further inquiry, please email us. 

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