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The Kingdom Of Myth

Unable to run from a tsunami roaring toward the shoreline, Diana stood idle in the sand, shivering as the on-rushing winds intensified. She closed her eyes, not out of fear but in response to a great sadness that swelled within.  Her mother and father were going to miss her far too much! Never again would they hear her laughter. Never again would they see her smile.... Lifted higher and higher into the sky by the gigantic wave, Diana slowly disappeared from view, as too did all that she had ever known.

When Diana awakens from the nightmare of a natural disaster, she finds herself in a foreign land where monsters destroy all that is beautiful, and heroes fight to win her favor!

This is Book One in the Kingdom of Myth trilogy. The story promotes social values such as  Love, Family, Compassion, Unity, Courage and Justice. 

Readers -  for 10-14 year olds - paperback

To be published in 2020

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