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Chapter One


Once upon a time in a land where dreams chase the real world like a fox chases a cotton-tail rabbit, there lived a young girl named Diana. She had sparkling eyes as clear and blue as the deepest ocean, and her hair was so blonde that it looked as if a bucket of sunlight had been tipped over her head. Her skin was glossed with a delicate tan, and her cheeks were like roses blooming on the first day of spring. Beautiful, yes she was indeed, a true angel of expression and pose in every way. And her thoughts were that of any young girl, full of Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes, Witches and Dragons, Wizards and Warlocks, all of them caught in the magical whirlwind of her creative young mind. And in her heart, she yearned for a Prince who would come to her and unveil the glorious mysteries of true love to her with each embrace, with each kiss. Ah, yes, the want of true love had surely ignited within her, and had grown steadily into the flame of wonder and hope that warmed her body and enchanted her soul. One day her Prince would come for her, and save her from...

“But there's nothing that I need saving from!” Diana whined in angst. "Oh, dear! We'll just have to think of something worthy of a Prince's bravery, won't we Alexander!" She patted her best friend on the head, then tickled his chin. "But you'll have to promise not to save me when he is around!"

Indeed her words were true, for although of a curious nature, which often led her into troublesome mischief, Diana had Alexander – a gentle, yet bold and fearless beast – who more than plenty had saved her from the dangerous bouts of childhood intrigue and childhood mishaps. Alexander was a big, black, furry Belgian male wolf with the cutest of teddy bear ears. He had been with Diana ever since she picked him out at an animal shelter when he was a pup. From the moment Alexander was brought home, he was always by Diana’s side, protecting her. Like the time the big Grizzly bear chased Diana through Yellow Stone Park. Alexander, at only two year old, stood bravely before the Grizzly blocking its path as Diana ran for her life through the forest. Alexander growled so loud and so fierce that the bear, easily five times his size, dared not challenge him! Or the time Diana fell into the strong current of the Brisbane River, and Alexander jumped right on in after her, dragging her out by the arm. No matter what kind of terrible situations Diana found herself in, situations which stalked her near daily, she always came out of them smiling, for there would be her cuddly Alexander licking her face with a devoted friendship that made the two of them inseparable....

To be published in 2019


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