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The Final Lesson For Humanity


SCP's Director, Mr Bradley Rae, was invited to join a small audience for 2 days of private seminars & open discussions - on both spiritual and secular matters -  with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Dharamsala, India. 


-  Mr Rae met privately with the President of Tibet (CTA) - The Honorable Dr Lobsang Sangay, as well as High Lamas and other Tibetan Officials to discuss a PR proposal being developed by SCP dedicated to the Dalai Lama's teachings on Human Ethics, Unity and Climate Change.

- This proposal, titled - The Final Lesson for Humanity - has since gained the support of (i) the Tibetan President - who, hesitating momentarily at the immensity of the project's scale, ultimately deemed it feasible and (ii) the Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama  (OHHDL), which pledged endorsement, pending implementation, based on the projects altruistic nature; altruism defined as the pure expression of the Tibetan scriptures, teachings and beliefs, which are tightly interwoven as to be inseparable with the study of philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and science. 

Civilization can no longer continue down this path, without our very existence being threatened. Whether its climate change, nuclear war or a pandemic, our survival depends on our ability to unite. (Dalai Lama)

This is both fact and common sense.


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(an overview of the proposal)

When a sage speaks of the need for change, and the need for unity of the global masses to bring about that change, what is actually being  referred to, is the democratization of the world; when all have a voice. One voice... being exactly what unity is. The question still yet to be answered, is how is this unity to be obtained, being exactly what this proposal is dedicated to.

The Team - SCP draws from a wide pool of creative thinkers - including Cambridge and Harvard Academics, Members of the Tibetan Community, Hollywood Feature Movie Producers, Documentary Producers, IT and other global experts - all who rallied behind the scenes in response to a Tibetan High Lama 's request for us to consider ways or strategies that could ensure the longevity of the Dalai Lama's teachings for generations to come. After three return trips to the Tibetan Community in Dharamsala, India, for guidance and inspiration, SCP ultimately came up with the following proposal; a proposal that focuses on the Dalai Lama's teachings on Human ethics, being what we see as the key to unifying the global masses; for reasons to be noted herein.


The proposal is broken into four parts that are interconnected and

interdependent on each other in order for it to succeed. 

Phase 1 - Feature Film - In order to unify Humanity, the segregation that results from cultures and world religions must be overcome. Hence there needs to be one common ground upon which we all must stand, and one common cause behind which we are all willing to fight, peacefully. The common ground as His Holiness has devotedly taught, is Human Ethics - being the innate traits we have inherited throughout evolution to survive as a species; such as love, compassion, unity, sharing, equality, honesty and justice. Not surprisingly, and most obviously, Human Ethics are the core values of all major world religions. 

Subsequently, the first phase of this proposal sidesteps the notion of religious segregation, or the promoting of one religion or religious figure above all others, by way of educating the world on Human Ethics without any perceived bias, whilst at the same time entertaining the masses and sparking an interest in the topic. This gives rise to the question of how, and through what means, does one gain access to the larger part of the global masses? Answer - Hollywood. Hence, with the support of Kingsborough Pictures, SCP is writing a compelling blockbuster script that showcases the world as we know it, and the world as it should be. Creative development  continues.
Phase 2 - Multi-National Documentary -  addresses the problem of  cultural segregation that divides us, through a 'multi-national' documentary that will explore and promote Human Ethics and unity with the help of religious leaders, celebrities, academics, scientists, renown creative thinkers, philosophers and other experts from around the world - all speaking in their native tongues, signifying a world united in a common cause. 

Phase 3 - Gala Event organized and streamed to a global audience.  Think LIVE AID in the 21st century; noting for the very first time in Human history unity is now possible at the click of a button, through technology and social media. LIVE AID - a concert held in 1985 to raise funds for famine in Africa - had an audience of 2 billion people (the world population was 5 billion, give or take, at the time) and this was before the internet was created. Today, the number of people capable of accessing such an global event of this sort, would certainly be double. That's a total of 4 billion people fixated on the same common cause; being, the protection (and proper management) of our planet. 

What we at SCP find interesting, and a sure sign that we're on the right track, is the fact that during the COVID pandemic, celebrities began uniting (in virtual concerts) to help raise awareness and funds for a world in strife. The problem however, as is typical with all such humanitarian campaigns, is the people involved and the funds they raise ultimately fade away, and the world continues on with little change, having only put a band-aid over a gaping wound that never heals.

Phase 4 - Strategic Plan For Longevity - The final element that is needed to complete this proposal is a clear and definitive strategy which not only unifies the global masses for a single day, but also ensures this solidarity continues for generations to come. Based on His Holiness' teachings, and utilizing technology and social media, SCP has devised such a strategy which was crafted and debated and refined with the help of Academics from Cambridge and Harvard Universities. In brief, this forth aspect of our PR strategy focuses on a simple fact:  Global unity can only occur through the democratization of the planet;  being what sages, like His Holiness, talk and dream about.  Phase 4 of this proposal - still under construction - aims to provide a technological means by which the process of democratization can be simply and quickly initiated, effectively tested and proven, and ultimately solidified into a form of governance that makes the vote of the global masses the most powerful force on the planet, a force that is capable of holding governments worldwide accountable for all they do, and don't do.

In the absence of any other plan on the global table regarding unification, we thought it was time to share what we've been working on. This is why SCP will be discussing this proposal, along with the forth and final aspect on internet radio, podcasts and other media outlets in the coming months, with the focus being on celebrity recruitment to help mobilize the global masses; not politicians nor NGOs nor Corporate Executives; just celebrities - who, if armed with the proper strategy, may well have the ability to make the seemingly impossible, possible; that being the bringing of all together for want of making much needed changes to our world.


Message from Director - A person can dream about global unity as sure as they are  mocked thereafter for their daring to believe it possible... But lest we forget, humankind's greatest achievements were born of dreams, which had to overcome the inner and outer struggles in order to be. And so it is for the growing numbers around the world, who dream of something better, hence the ensuing struggle, which has led to the ubiquitous violence we are now witnessing...


Violence, however, never solves anything. Case in point, is the impact of the global rioting showcased in the adjacent photos throughout 2020/ 21. And still nothing has changed, if only worsened.; which gets us back to the wisdom of the sage/s, of every religion; and their call for unity that resounds throughout history, and each time it is heard, as in really heard, does it let loose the power of the human spirit, which collectively, is capable of anything.  

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The most powerful force on Earth is the global 

population united. If change is to come,

it will only be by the will of the people.







Evidently, Governments and Corporations worldwide have recklessly mismanaged the planet to the point of endangering it. So, not surprisingly, things are turning primal. Survival is at stake, which sounds awfully overdramatic, at least to the popular cynic. But add to the abovementioned the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of the COVID pandemic, and climate change, and suddenly the cynics are falling silent. There's a collective movement, an explosive movement, unlike ever before that is engulfing our world; a movement that now needs not only a common ideology to lead the way, but a clear and concise plan to set it free; one that unites all, peacefully. His Holiness, along with the greatest minds throughout the ages - Jesus, Buddha, MohammedAristotle, Plato, Gandhi, Einstein, Stephen Hawkings to name but a few - have collectively spoken of the common ideology that holds the key to the future of our kind... namely, Human Ethics. And yet here, now, in the present, far too many are still watching the Kardashians, sitting in awe of Kim's new summer line of swimwear, or Caitlyn's new dress on the red carpet... rather than going outside to see that the world is actually in serious strife.

Indeed, the perfect tragedy is playing itself out in the 21st century, like the last century and the one before that. Only this time, we've got apocalyptic bombs being thrown by Mother Nature, with our politicians ironically cohorting to sort it all out, when in fact it was the politicians that got us in this situation in the first place. Now that our complacency is duly recognized for what it is, the world is on fire for but one simple reason. The politicians are not listening despite all the screaming at their door, which gets us back to the wisdom of the sages, of all religions; which leads us back the above mentioned title.... Perhaps there is something in this notion; a world revolution ignited by peace; Aka the silent boom, as opposed to the present situation unfolding. 

Click on slide show to enlarge. Photos includes failed protests in USA, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Poland, Yemen, Australia, Argentina, Brazil,  Venezuela, UK, Kenya, Sth Africa, Mexico, India,  China... and so many more. Click on images for locations.