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The adventures of a lost soul is the afterlife 

Is a metaphysical adventure story that playfully explores Tibetan Buddhism, the psychological realm of the gods, and what happens to the mind at the moment of death. An unforgettable satire that resonates deeply, this story chronicles a soul's journey from Heaven to Earth 'til death does it again depart, returning to the gods who await the soul's coming with a vengeful spite that is both wondrous and terrifying. As is the nature of satire, first comes the laughter, then comes the profound reflections about life and the hereafter.


Baconian Zanzibar is a cosmic traveler with a smashed compass, who hunts for truth, yet knows not where to look for it. Drifting into the physical universe he suddenly sees Earth, and so does he join many souls as an endless river flowing into and through the planet’s hue of green and blue, which combined with the white light of the sun makes it so beautiful and unique to perceive. Many souls simply pass straight through, oblivious to the physical realm despite their being in it, continuing their journey onward through this universe and on to the next, whilst others find their way into Nature’s womb, here on Earth, and so do new flowers bloom with the energy of these souls, and new babies are born of every species...

REVIEW: 'A riot of profound thinking, humour and storytelling that addresses the biggest question of them all - what happens when we die? If this book is any indication there's a lot to look forward to, so long as you learn how to play the eternal game, which is actually playing you.' Dr S Bird - Cambridge PHD - Linguistics / M.PS / B.Ph.

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