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When the body is idle in sleep, the mind creates another reality in dream. As to the nature of the dream, this has much to do with one’s psychological state at the time of dreaming. 

But what occurs when the body is idle in death? Does the mind still dream? If it does, then, without a body to wake up in, the dream would be endless. And as to the nature of the dream, it would have much to do with one’s psychological state at the moment of death. Be fearful and all hell will break loose, in the mind, in the form of a nightmare. Be at peace, however, and the mind will concoct a heavenly dreamscape through which one will unwittingly drift, never knowing, in either instance, that all experienced is but a dream that has no end. 

All world religions adhere to the notion of heavens and hells manifesting in the afterlife. Where they differ is in understanding the true nature of these realms.

In Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that at the moment of death a person’s mind (soul), transcends into a dream state known as the Chonyid Bardo -  the Afterlife. It is in the Chonyid Bardo that gods manifest as a representation of one’s religious convictions, rallying in a psychic production that reflects the inescapable plight of all sentient beings – Self Judgment; as to who we were in life, and who we could and should have been. Although of dream, the heavens and hells of these gods are as real to the soul as Earth is to the human body.

Cosmic Traveler With A Smashed Compass dives head first into this psychological extravaganza with a witticism no god will ever tolerate, and no soul should ever dare. In the event of controversy, no one will be home to take your call....


Genre - Literary/ Satire

Bradley James Rae







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